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The competition in the enterprise is the talent competition, talent is the source of life, is the first resource, the first capital and the first power, talent, enterprise xing.
Saul new energy has always been adhering to the customer experience value, be respected enterprise "values, so that each employee with the hearts of customers, so customer's pain pain, anxious customers, with" heart "to solve all the difficulties of customers, which requires Saul must have a new energy unity upward, never give up and skilled personnel.
Concept of talent: both heavy and heavy, and heavy capacity; not only fine, but also made the elite.
Education is not equal to the ability, qualifications are not equal to the results. The company is not committed to the highest pay, but for every employee to provide a full display of the talent of the broad platform. Ability to work in the display, position in the creation of the development, pay in the performance of the upgrade. Generous remuneration and benefits are determined to tilt the elite.
Employing the principle: have only one, promoted; not only virtuous, the use of training; talent without virtue, limited employment; without virtue, resolutely not
1, the training of internal personnel, the establishment of talent echelon
Saul new energy mainly internal training, external recruitment as a supplement, in the "four aspects of selecting, employing, educating people, keep people in Saul, pay more attention to the education, more attention is paid to the construction enterprises in all personnel training mode, take various forms and channels, establish talent echelon, follow-up reserves human resources, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
2, nengshangnengxia mechanism of employing
From ancient to modern times, are capable, incompetent, Saul, in top talent, never stingy, as long as you have the ability, the company is willing to give you a piece of the sky, develop your strengths, your career achievements.
3, the introduction of high-end technology R & D personnel
Now Saul and Soochow University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other research institutions to establish a long-term cooperative relationship in the field of technology research and development.
Saul in internal training at the same time, continue to introduce talents of senior technical research and development, the existing products continue to put forward higher requirements, constantly breakthrough self, challenge the impossible, make the products more competitive market of saul.
4, school enterprise cooperation
In order to improve the overall quality of the staff of Saul, so that the quality of products to achieve zero defects, we start from the front-line staff, improve the basic quality of the grass-roots staff, in cooperation with a number of Career Technical College, set up special classes, transportation professional operation talents for enterprises.


  • 1.How to consult your company for details?

    Hello, the contact way of the personnel department of soer science and technology



    Word time:Monday TO Friday 8.30-17.00

  • 2.May I ask the recruitment cycle of your company?

    Hello, sorkko recruitment according to monthly batches, each cycle for a final interview and signing, according to the actual situation of uncertainty.

  • 2.What kind of training will you get after joining your company?

    Hello: we pay great attention to the training system in order to strengthen the training of the talent team. The new employees will be trained for two weeks after their entry and receive comprehensive training including post professional skills, general knowledge and other modules. In addition, the "tutorial system" at all levels is responsible, post backbone, experienced the old employees as the main responsibility, growth and development through Yanchuanshenjiao promote young employees.

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