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The competition in the enterprise is the talent competition, talent is the source of life, is the first resource, the first capital and the first power, talent, enterprise xing.
Saul new energy has always been adhering to the customer experience value, be respected enterprise "values, so that each employee with the hearts of customers, so customer's pain pain, anxious customers, with" heart "to solve all the difficulties of customers, which requires Saul must have a new energy unity upward, never give up and skilled personnel.
Saul technology adhere to the "fair, just and open work environment, the implementation of" power, light let, Yongzhe "competition mechanism of survival of the fittest talent, let the real talent to find their own stage, let the real talent and make unremitting efforts for the dream.
Lay a solid foundation for the further development of custom layout, now Saul technology distinguished the following industry excellence.

Talent recruitment

Look at our job requirements information

Storage business manager
Bachelor degree or above, 5 years or above working experience, working experience in photovoltaic industry, familiar with PV industry, electric power industry.
Marketing Manager
3 years working experience in the lithium industry, with the brand construction, marketing experience.
Software Engineer (battery management system BMS)
Bachelor of engineering degree, 3 years experience in the development of BMS and MCU software design experience, proficient in C language, familiar with the principle and design of hardware and software knowledge to control the battery manag
Electronic test engineer
College degree or above, major in electronic engineering, more than 2 years of working experience in circuit debugging, can understand the circuit schematic, will use a variety of test equipment.
PC Software Engineer
The computer software engineering, bachelor degree or above, majored in electronic information, more than 3 years of experience in the development of the host computer program, able to complete the project, have a certain understanding of c

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