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If you love this industry, it's not just a job!

There is such a group of people,
They are willing to put all their energy sway here, willing to give better vision sustenance here,
Willing to forget the flow of time, willing to put the enthusiasm of life into the.
Here, it's where you show yourself!
Here, give you a broader space!
Here, there is a standardized management system!
Here, the same is also more perfect promotion mechanism!
Saul is a big family, we provide not only a job, but the long-term occupation career development!
We welcome the work earnestly, unity and progress of the industry join in, and we are willing to provide abundant welfare and development opportunities for you!


  • 1.How to consult your company for details?

    Hello, the contact way of the personnel department of soer science and technology



    Word time:Monday TO Friday 8.30-17.00

  • 2.May I ask the recruitment cycle of your company?

    Hello, sorkko recruitment according to monthly batches, each cycle for a final interview and signing, according to the actual situation of uncertainty.

  • 2.What kind of training will you get after joining your company?

    Hello: we pay great attention to the training system in order to strengthen the training of the talent team. The new employees will be trained for two weeks after their entry and receive comprehensive training including post professional skills, general knowledge and other modules. In addition, the "tutorial system" at all levels is responsible, post backbone, experienced the old employees as the main responsibility, growth and development through Yanchuanshenjiao promote young employees.

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