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Soul new energy enterprises listed on the new three board"
The pretext of "Dongfeng capital" to accelerate the transformation of development      
    In December 22, 2014, the National SME share transfer system in Beijing listing hall, guests treasure opening bell again to the new three board listed companies sounded, Saul new energy in our city and 5 other companies jointly held a centralized listing ceremony, the National SME share transfer system deputy general manager Mr. Chen Yongmin, Zhangjiagang Municipal Committee Mr. Xu Zhonggao, vice mayor of Suzhou City, Zhangjiagang city finance office led towns (District) ministries Bureau relevant leaders and six companies participate in the centralized listing of the leaders attended the ceremony, Saul new energy chairman Ji Weiyuan on behalf of the 6 enterprises in Zhangjiagang delivered a report on the listing ceremony. It is understood that the listing activities held in the Beijing listed on the national share transfer system of the hall is focused on listed activities in Zhangjiagang for the first time the "new three" enterprises, Saul new energy official stationed in the new three board market, indicating that the company's development in the future, to better achieve docking with the industrial capital, to achieve better faster growth and development. Successfully listed three new board, the company to better docking capital markets, expand financing channels and improve the visibility of the enterprise has a very important significance.
Saul is a new energy automotive power lithium battery and power management system for the main business of high-tech enterprises. Through years of research and development, the company achieved a number of major technological breakthroughs in three yuan lithium battery module system. At present, it has passed the national mandatory inspection, good safety, high cost, long battery life, long mileage, and solve the charging problem and cold start, strong comprehensive competitiveness of products. At present, has been working with a number of large automobile manufacturers to cooperate.
The company since March 28, 2014, three new board listed since the signing ceremony, the company up and down together, after 8 months of intense work, in December 9, 2014 in the three new board officially listed. "Three new board" successful listing will enable the company to embark on the track of rapid growth. The future, Saul new energy will make good use of the "new three" this platform, gradually standardize enterprise management, realize the healthy development of enterprises.
A new starting point, new platforms, new power, new goals, we will take this as a new start ceremony, aimed at their industry position and goals, give full play to the role of the team, standardize management, rely on the care and support you as in the past, carry forward the spirit of Zhangjiagang, in order to achieve the goal, and work hard! I believe we will achieve greater success.!


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