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Zhu Lifan, deputy secretary of the Zhangjiagang Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the municipal Party com
The afternoon of June 17, 2015, vice secretary of Zhangjiagang Municipal Committee, mayor Zhu Lifan, accompanied by Deputy Secretary of Tangqiao town Party Secretary Wang Wenwei, Shen Xiaobo and other leaders, to Saul technology, development of new energy industry, investigation and research. The chairman of the company, Ji Weiyuan, received a warm reception from the mayor Zhu.

[pictured to accompany the mayor of Zhu Lifan, Zhangjiagang, visiting the science and Technology Museum)
       First of all, the mayor of Zhu, accompanied by Ji Dong, visited the science and technology exhibition hall of the company, and had a detailed understanding of the company's new energy products and LED products. In the new energy product exhibition area, Ji Dong introduced to mayor Zhu the new energy industry that the company is developing vigorously. He said that, with its advanced research and development platform and a powerful scientific research team, Saul has successfully developed a leading domestic vehicle powered battery. It is not only advanced in technology, stable in performance, reliable and safe, but also used in large batch of large auto manufacturers in China. The new three board and power battery products have been widely used in the new energy resources of Saul, which has been affirmed and praised by Mayor Zhu.

【The picture shows the chairman of the president of the city of Zhangjiagang, the mayor of Zhangjiagang City, to investigate and investigate the new energy workshop in Saul】
        Subsequently, a mayor Zhu came to Saul workshop new energy battery, in the busy production scene, the development situation of mayor Zhu Saul is very concerned about the new energy, asked in detail about the market Saul current new energy development mode and future development plans, Ji Dongyi an answer. Ji Dong said that the new energy industry of Saul's new energy development is the sunrise industry in the world and a green industry for the sustainable development of the later generations. Saul always adheres to the concept of "technological innovation and independent research and development". Based on the new energy industry innovation and development route, we set up a high-end research platform and a scientific research team, such as postgraduate workstation, thousand person workstation and so on, and grasp the core technology of the industry. We should seize the development opportunities of new energy and take the initiative in restructuring and upgrading our industries. In the future, Sol's new energy will become a brand leader of power battery and battery management system.

【The picture shows the chairman of the chairman of the city of Zhu Lifan, the mayor of Zhangjiagang, at Saul's new energy investigation and investigation】
      After a season Dong introduction, mayor Zhu admired Saul new energy to seize the opportunity of strategic emerging industries, the development of new energy industry, mayor Zhu said that in recent years, Zhangjiagang city is actively developing new energy industry, has a broad space for development in the field of new energy, hope to form a new energy industry group in our city, the formation of the new economic growth points, he stressed the need to fully understand the importance and urgency of accelerating the development of battery power, increase policy support, and promote the healthy development of enterprises. We should strengthen technological innovation and business mode innovation, and strive to break through a number of key core technologies to promote revolutionary breakthroughs in power batteries and accelerate the development of new energy automotive industry.

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